Top 5 Signs That You Are Just One of the Girls
By Simon Heong -- Author of the Best-Seller: Friend To Girlfriend Secrets

If you’ve been hanging out with women in a platonic way, you may be one of the girls. Here are some of signs that you might be just friends with all the hot girls you’re hanging with every weekend.

1). People think you’re dating one or all of the girls in the group.

You are an insider and it thrills you to be the envy of other guys. In fact, many guys often approach you to ask which women you’re dating in the group. You’re obviously the ringleader and guys want to stay in your favor so that they can meet the women you’re with.

While you enjoy being the guy who can always be with the hot women in your group, you envy the other guys who have a better chance of actually sleeping with the women in your group. You’re in the friend zone, which means the girls you hang out with don’t see you as a sexual being.

2). You’re in the know when it comes to the love interests of your girl friends.

Being in the inner circle of hot women means you know who they have a crush on. These girls ask your opinion about relationships. You see them giggling about other men. You find it strange that they can easily talk to you about delicate things like sex and underwear. You’re starting to suspect that you’re being treated as another girl friend.

3). You’re always the guy they run to when they have men-trouble.

The most painful part of being a guy friend is having the girl of your dreams cry on your shoulder because of man-troubles. You’re in this predicament because you weren’t brave enough to escape the friend zone the time when you still can. So, now do you help her out with her boyfriend by being supportive? Or, do you simply tell her to dump him and go out with you instead?

4). The girls think you’re safe.

Your girl friends think nothing of cuddling with you and playing with your hair. They ask your opinion about Brazilian waxes and how they might affect a man’s libido. Why do they do these things when they should know that you’re also a straight guy and all these actions would lead to you reacting like other men would react? They think you’re safe and they can get away with doing these things without you doing anything freakish, like grabbing them and hauling them to bed.

5). You’re at your girl buddies’ beck and call.

You’re reliable, and that should be a good thing, right? You’re there when one or all of your girl friends want to go shopping. You carry the bags and sit around while they go through their loot after an afternoon of furious shopping.

If you enjoy being a guy friend to girls, then you’re right where you want to be. But if you want to score with one of the women in your group, you should try to get out of the friend zone right away.


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