Build Attraction - How to Attract A Long-Time Friend
By Simon Heong -- Author of the Best-Seller: Friend To Girlfriend Secrets

Sometimes, you find yourself wondering if a friend can turn into your girlfriend. Let’s say you have a long-time pal who has every single one of the qualities you are looking for in a girl. The problem is how to make her see you as someone she can date.

Many guys are stuck in this situation. They have the most awesome girls among their circle of friends but these girls seem to forget all about them being male. Sure, these guys enjoy the benefit of being in the know when it comes to what these women want. These men go to coffee meetings when the group gathers to talk about random stuff and pass the time. They get to chat with beautiful women who show friendly affection liberally. 

What if you get to the point where you know you have to do something or end up losing these women to other guys? You will get to this point when the friend you’ve tagged as the one you want to seduce starts talking about dating another guy. Do you sit there biting your nails as she describes how mystified she is with a random guy she met elsewhere? You shouldn’t be in this situation because you know everything about what this girl likes. You should be the one she’s gushing over about with her girl friends. 

So, what can you do? 

Confess your attraction. 

Doing this will get the wheels of romance turning. She probably doesn’t know about your feelings that’s why she feels so comfortable talking about her ‘dream love life’ with you. Telling her that you want to be more than friends with her will change the way she looks at you. She’ll probably ask how long you’ve been feeling this way. She will start taking her other friends aside and asking for advice about you and your confession.

Use what you know about her.

If she likes adventure movies, tell her that you intend to watch a particular movie with her like it’s the most natural thing to do. If she likes a type of food, look for a place that is different from the restaurant you go to as friends. Starting anew as lovers this time means going to places you’ve never gone to as friends. 

Kiss her. 

One thing that will get you out of the friend zone is doing things that she never thought you’d do together. Kissing or being intimate is one of these things. Kiss her lightly, but be spontaneous about it. And, whatever you do, don’t ask permission.


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